[TSDV-41642] 大川成美 Narumi Okawa – ぷりぷりナルル

[TSDV-41642] 大川成美 Narumi Okawa – ぷりぷりナルル


Original title: ぷりぷりナルル/大川成美

Slightly chewy face, soft lips, smooth skin, fine boobs of boobs, and mostly waist circumference
I will be fascinated by beautiful and incomplete ♪
Choosing costumes that made use of her body is also good
Personally, the one-piece costume of the dancer was erotic
In the production, I like scenes that bit kiss scenes and sheets
I will gradually empathize with you
Although I was a star, I wanted the car where the car did not go out, I wanted to put ice licks
And underwear is better than swimsuit

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