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The first undressing series of carefully selected girls! His name is also [Hatsura]! We will burn the beauty of the "first" naked body of good women and deliver it to you. That is also the existence significance of the [first naked] series specializing in first nude. It is Hyakutake Ami-chan to appear this time! ! An 18-year-old who has a white, smooth skin like snow and a smile full of loveliness. Ami-chan with a pure kind heart, at first she can not throw away shame on exposing her nakedness. The small shivering, the flushing skin is unnatural and expresses cuteness and eros at the same time! ! Everyone will be fascinated by the absolute beauty girl for the first time ... It is only the first part of the film that can convey a sense of tension! ! Eros now sublimes to art! ! ! !

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